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Almost all interactive applications contain forms. A lot of applications, like dashboards, contain many forms. This repetitive, mind-numbing process of writing forms is something that motivated us to write a plugin to do the work for us, and you.

Aurelia is a great tool for generating forms, as it provides a lot of useful utilities and plugins to do so. What Aurelia form does, is leverage Aurelia's strengths, and create a standardized way of describing forms simply using objects and arrays.

Some of the features this plugin provides include:

  • multi css-framework support (is your framework missing? Submit a PR!)
  • aurelia-orm support (forms based on entity definition, no need to make a schema)
  • validation
  • concise way of describing forms using schemas
  • easy override and extending of forms
  • helpers for individual components, for forms with a special need
  • generate forms programmatically


There's enough to read, so pick a page on the left and enjoy! Also, feel free to edit these pages if you happen to find a mistake or wish to add something.

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