Aurelia-form provides several components. They give different levels of granularity when building a form. You might want to reuse the schema and the model, but would only want several of the form-fields to be rendered. Or you want a fancy layout that requires you to have a form form-field here and there. Aurelia-form let's you decide.

Generate a complete form using the schema


Aurelia-form supports the aurelia-orm project. It does so by providing a public custom component named entity-form. To use it you must create an entity and pass it to the entity bindable. Read more about entities in the aurelia-orm docs.

    <entity-form entity.bind="entity"></entity-form>

Generates all the form fields without the <form> around it. Handy for when you want more control when composing a single form.


When things get really detailed you can choose to only generate a single form field.


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