Aliases allow you to direct element types to other elements.

The <form-element /> component generates a form element dynamically for you based on data passed in. One of the attributes it has is element, which allows you to specify as which element it should render (radion, checkbox, input etc).

This is being used by entity-form to automatically generate entire forms for you. Which is great! But you might want to use some dynamic values for the element.

A great example of this is aurelia-orm. Aurelia-orm has an entity mapping that can be used to create forms. One of the types, though, is boolean. This works well for entities, but not for forms.

Enter aliases! With aliases you can tell <form-element /> to map the given element to another.


You can configure aliases using aurelia config. Read more about it in the configuration guide.

const myConfiguration = {
  'aurelia-form': {
    // Alias these entity types to elements (used by aurelia-orm)
    aliases: {
      boolean: 'checkbox'

Now, a form element of type boolean will render as a checkbox.

Note: This alias is already part of the defaults, and pure used for demonstration.

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