Auto submit button

When generating an entire form, it might be nice to have it also generate a submit button for you. Aurelia-form supports that through simple configuration.



You can configure these buttons using aurelia config. Read more about it in the configuration guide.

const myConfiguration = {
  'aurelia-form': {
    // Alias these entity types to elements (used by aurelia-orm)
    aliases: {
      boolean: 'checkbox'


If you wish to override the defaults (from the config) for a specific form, that's possible through the <aurelia-form /> or <entity-form /> component.

These components expose three attributes that allow you to do this:

attribute type default description
buttonOptions Array ['primary'] Options to pass to the button (read more in button docs)
buttonLabel string 'Submit' Label for the button (uses submitButton.label from config)
buttonEnabled boolean true Show the button (uses submitButton.enabled from config)

This could look like:

<entity-form"false" button-label="You can't see me" entity.bind="entity">

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