Certain properties on the element are reserved for extra features. Let's see what these properties have to offer.


It is possible to set attributes on the input elements. The attributes property is used for this. This allows one to use the html builtin input attributes


In certain cases one would want to hide an element. A use case where this applies is when using the <entity-form>. One might not have control over the schema that is generated by the entity-form component. One can however extend the schema by using a decorator which extends the schema when generating it.

attached and detached

Is called using the the form field's context. For convenience the form field component's element is passed as a callback. An example of a schema that uses attached would be nice.

  let loginForm = [{
    key: 'username',
    attached: element => {
      element.setAttribute('readonly', true);
  }, {
    key: 'password',
    type: 'password'

In this case we are not adding event listeners. No need for removing those so no need for a detached.

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