Think of the schema as a standard way of describing what we want aurelia-form to render. A schema is an array containing several elements. Imagine we would want to create login form.

    this.credentialsSchema = [
      {type:'text', key: 'username'},
      {type:'password', key: 'password'}

To increase readability I like to define my elements outside of the schema array. It ends up being more lines but easier to read and edit.

  let username = {
    key: 'username'

  let password = {
    key: 'password'

  this.credentialsSchema = [

You can see that I'm using the 'password' and 'text' type. Aurelia-form contains many more types

Having a schema is not enough. We also need a model to populate it. That is where the key property in our schema definitions comes into play.

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